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Are you kidding me?

Under the guise of keeping us safe congress is considering a law that will enable the FBI to capture browser history of individuals without a warrant, and gags the service providers from informing their customers of the requests.

This is being pitched that it will be a tool to fight terrorism. Now take into consideration how many organizations the FBI has labeled terrorist just in the past 5 years.  Veterans groups, patriot groups, militias, environmental groups, political groups, and the list goes on and on and on.

This is a clear violation of not only the 4th amendment, but the 1st amendment as well. It signifies utter contempt for our constitution and our right to privacy. Access to this information on our daily browsing habits will only give the FBI intimate knowledge of our daily lives and allow them to violate our rights that the constitution affirmed were god given.

To relinquish privacy for perceived security is not only foolish but dangerous as well.

You have a choice people, remain silent and lose the liberties that so many has fought and died for, or speak up and let our elected rulers know that this cannot stand.