The problem with America


I’ve been watching our country come apart at the seams for some time now. We the people have lost control of our Republic.

There are some that place the blame on an inept president. While it is true our current president is wholly lacking in the ability to govern, and seems to have zero knowledge of the constitution, the blame for the mess we are in does not lie wholly on his shoulders. Our government is failing us on all levels.

Congress refuses to protect us and our future by spending money we do not have, for things we do not need, and as a result we are trillions in debt with no relief in sight. They have mortgaged our children’s future and seem unconcerned that they have put us on a track that is unsustainable. They will not hold our executive or judicial branches in check for fear of offending the perpetually offended.

Our elected officials do not hold themselves accountable to the people, not just on a federal level but, on all levels. They have become the elected elite, the aristocracy of the modern age. Special interests and lobbyist are all that matter to them anymore. I think that our biggest issue is we are not holding our elected officials accountable for their actions as well.

We the people have slept for a long time, trusting that our government had our best interests at heart. While we slept the powers that be weakened us. Our country was once strong because we made things, we took pride in that. We have been weakened by trade deals that have resulted in job killing deficits. We have been weakened by burdensome taxes on companies that in order to compete have moved off shore. We have been weakened by over-regulation that increases the cost of business. We have been weakened by a government that thinks if the people have less freedom it will make them safer. We have been weakened by a government that sees its people as a cash cow to be milked for the fruits of their labor to fund interests overseas, entitlements and instant retirement for elected aristocrats. We have been weakened by a grievance culture that wants to blame everything on someone else. We have been weakened by an entitlement culture, that expects the government to take care of them.

We argue among ourselves, that it’s this party or that party that is to blame. They have managed to divide us into specific groups and stoke dissent to the point that rational conversation is impossible. They learned that the media was for sale to the highest bidder and have used it to keep us in the dark and at each others throats. We are forced to chose sides in a never ending sideshow of meaningless issues and causes.

Now as we slowly awaken and rub the sleep from our eyes, we find ourselves in a rather sticky predicament. We find ourselves ruled by an over-reaching  government behemoth, saddled with an enormous debt, and a government that cares little for the welfare of the electorate, other than how they can use us to meet their ends.

How do we fix this?

First and foremost stop believing the “main stream” media, yes this includes FOX news. Do your own research.¬† One of the great things about the time we live in is we have knowledge at our finger tips, we can do our own research in seconds. Check your sources, do you own due diligence.

Check up on your elected officials, watch what they are doing and let them know if they are screwing up or doing things right. The voting records are available for your state houses and well as the federal side. Remember they work for you, and you need to pay attention at all times not just election years. If they are not living up to your expectations don’t be afraid to vote em out, you are more than the party you vote for, your future depends on you realizing that.

Don’t take the bait, their are people and organizations that spew hate and dissension for a living or for the fact it makes them happy to upset people. If some one is so set they are looking for a fight and you can’t have a meaningful conversation just move on. I like debate, but it is almost impossible to have rational discourse these days.

Our fist amendment gives us the right to free speech, and the right to peacefully assemble, use it. Be you in everything you do and say. Forget the politically correct and social justice warriors. This country was founded more than 200 years ago by farmers and businessmen who wanted a government by the people, for the people. They were living in a different time and by the standards of today they seem barbaric, we have grown since then and have made great strides in all areas our our lives. It is not our responsibility to compensate people today for the sins of our past. Everything from day one has been a learning curve, we have experienced growing pains but we learned and corrected our mistakes.

We the people own this country and are ultimately responsible for the decisions our elected officials make, as they are making them on our behalf. If we do not hold them accountable its on us. We have the responsibility to ensure our children have a reasonable chance at success. We have to stop letting our elected representation run willy nilly and continue to push us toward the cliff, and our ultimate demise. We have to make the choices that will remove the mortgage they have put on our future. We have to hold their feet to the fire and make them do what is truly the right thing for the people and for our future.

It is time to wake up and do what is needed. Are you up to the task?